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The web author

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HTML tutorial

She is Nagi Kara, Indonesia based dreamer. 23 years old, and.. a scorpio. Mass Communication Student. Believe that live will be dark without books and internet. She is a totally introverted person, with INFP personality. Cat person, and night-owl gal. Basically, she can be so creative, but it depends on her mood.

The web

This web was made since the beginning of 2018. Basically, Nagi decided to made this blog for practicing and learning about HTML, CSS, etc. She also use this web as her online diary, the place for write all of her feelings. With heart <3. Soon, she recently decided to make some art showcase in this website soon.

Nagi's message:

Wellcome. We don't need to meet in real life, and celebrating our friendship with any party. But you already spend your time for visit this blog. So, THANK YOU for visiting. Wellcome and have a nice day!



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