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Things that happen in my days~

I put my feelings, thoughts, and many random things here. Beware of bored-reading!.

/6/ 03.13.2019

I just made new account in itch.io. Love to explore new indie games there. Today, I just played tons of visual games. It's so wonderful. Then I wonder how to made my own mini game with no skill. Then I got the way in the few minutes. Making game is such a fun activity, as playing games. Although it really requires patience.

Psst , don't worry I published my own game here too. Just a few minutes a go, in the new page. Go checkout and play the fresh made mini game for free~.

/5/ 01.16.2019

Finally, this is the first time I update this web in 2019! *YAY!*. I really happy happy to see you again, guys. I cannot update this web because I am to busy playing the Sims 3. But anyway, I really happy today. Just want to tell you, I made my own 88x31 web button. I made it in Aseprite. I stil need some improvement, of course.

Btw, I have a new hobby since last mode. I started to made pixelart in app on Android called Dotpict. I really happy to use it because it's free, easy to use aanddd.. cute!. I think about share my pixelart here. So that's why I plan to fix my galerry HAHA. And all the things that I wanna say today is be patient for the update, guys! :))

/4/ 12.19.2018

This is the first time i write this entry in my collage. 'Cause I have a problem with my laptop, I go to the library and browsing internet with the our library's computer. Then, BAM! problem solved. I really miss this web so much :3.

Yesterday, I tried to play The Sims 3 again. But with the expensions, not just the base (yeah, I really excited about that). I feel that nostalgic feeling. But really happy, the game was amazing with the expansions. You can get the new world, stuff and also new fun too. It's totally different then just play only the base game. I have an idea in my mind again. Should I tell you about the game that I've played before guys?. I'm not a gamer, but.. just want to do it.

/3/ 12.14.2018

As I read, INFP is the most curious introvert. They really like to learn about something new. But if they're bored about that, they'll well take their time for do some breaks. No, I am not bored. Just try to anticipate that *kidding*.

Today, I really excited to try new HTML code like I did tommorow again. Two days ago, I downloaded The Sims 3, because I miss it. One I was in high school I just got the base game. Not for now. I got all of the extensions. I think. I really obsessed to the Sims now. So, what update that I'll do for this web today?. Just sit done, guys, take a rest. I'll update this page soon.

/2/ 12.13.2018

Finally, a new day!. Get ready to doing something positive. And love my self (also yourselfhe too, readers) like usually. Psst, tomorrow I added a new page to this site. Now you can access it. The GALLERY!. Find some downloadable freebies there. Hope y'all love it as i do. I add a really simple banner in this site for more decoration. I'm thinking about adding more decoration again for this site. But what kind of decoration?. Cute pixel gifs?. Multimedia content?. Videos?. Musics?. Hmmm.. what do you think guys?.

Psst, actually i've done add some videos in media page. Go check that out~.

/1/ 12.12.2018

Rain was started in 12 PM here. So, I could not went to school. Then, I bought some whole meal bread to cheer up myself. I waited until the rain gone. After that, I went to my house. Started browsing something new. Playing a cute dress up game in charat.me. I made a cute character. Then, I remembered about this blog. As you can see now, I costumized and improved this blog. Tried to made this blog more and more cute. And the result is amazing. I love the all purple accents. Also the new fonts. Thanks for w3schools.com for the tutorials!.

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